Only put on your skin what you would put in your body. 

Only put on your skin what you would put in your body. 

Herbal Remedies



Head Lice not what you want for back to school

I have been parenting for almost 22 years. Of the 22, our home remained lice free for 19. A couple of years ago a friend's daughter came over to play without knowing she was bringing some "friends" along. Within a week, my son started complaining of his head itching. We didn't think much of it but then our 9 year old starting complaining as well. (My head is itching just thinking about this.)

Lo and behold...LICE! 

The first thing we did was shave my son's head. We couldn't do that to my daughter so we knew we had to act fast with a remedy. I have heard terrible things about the over the counter remedies for lice and just couldn't bring myself to use it on my littles. 

I looked back through my herbal training material and sure enough I found the answer. I whipped up that remedy and went and purchased a nit comb. 

After applying the lice treatment, I washed my kids hair thoroughly. My son had hardly any hair so he would be fine but my daughter on the other hand a head full of long, thick hair. I sat for an hour or more...painstakingly going through sections of hair at a time. It took a good two weeks to rid her of the lice but we were able to eradicate. I used the deterrent spray in the weeks following just to make sure none were coming back. 

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