My company was born out of a love for using natural products within my own home, as well as friends and family encouraging me to share my products with the world. After seeing the need for herbal remedies in my community, I decided to return to college and receive formal training in herbalism and aromatherapy. With education and experience under my belt, I now offer quality, handmade products that come from a mixture of evidenced-based approach and folk herbalism passed down throughout the ages. As an herbalist and aromatherapist, I have the skills to make products my customers so desperately need. My hope is to help people learn from a natural perspective how to feel better so they can live better! 

Each product is made by hand by yours truly. I only use the finest ingredients! My husband jokes that I chant over my remedies but really it's just me praying for the Lord to bless it and use it to bring some relief or a little bit of joy to the consumer. 

My training in herbalism and certification in aromatherapy is through Franklin Institute of Wellness in Franklin, TN.