Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir Single Pack

Four Sigmatic Mushroom Elixir Single Pack


Have you heard of medicinal mushrooms? Don’t be scared! Even if you are not typically a mushroom fan, don’t write off these mushroom elixirs. Each packet is a flavorful health tonic. I love that Four Sigmatic has taken something that we could all benefit from and put it in a yummy and easy consumable packet.

Reishi is my goto for relaxation in the afternoon or right before bed.

It contains organic: reishi extract, field mint extract, rose hips extract, tulsi extract

Lion’s Mane is my goto for focus and mental acuity

It contains organic: lion’s mane extract, peppermint extract, star anise, stevia leaf extract

Cordyceps is my goto for energy, stamina, endurance, performance

It contains organic: cordyceps extract, field mint, rose hips extract, schisandra extract

Mushroom Elixir:
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